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How it works

How it works

1. Install the extension for free

2. Go to Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, or YouTube and select a show or video

3. Select what language you would like to practice

4. Watch like normal! Sabi will periodically give you exercises on what you heard

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20+ Languages

No matter what you want to watch, we support a wide array of languages to get your language practice off to the best start.

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Sabi helps you learn a language with...

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Dual Subtitles

Watch your favorite shows and videos with Sabi's dual subtitles to improve your comprehension.

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sabi word translation
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Word Translation

Hover over any word and Sabi immediately gives you its translation, along with example sentences that show its usage.

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Interactive Exercises

Improve your proficiency with Sabi's language exercises, all designed to be fun and engaging while not being overwhelming.

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sabi adaptive learning
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Adaptive Learning

Get tested on more difficult vocabulary and phrases as you watch. Sabi assesses your language level from your previous responses and progressively introduces harder exercises.

...and it works with the most popular streaming platforms:

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Practicing a language has never been more fun

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